Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Jihadi Terrorism and the Muslim Civil Society

    Jihadi terrorism has again bared its cruel fangs in Mumbai, the world-known financial capital of India. Three,  almost simultaneous bomb explosious, took place in that targetted city, on 14th July, killing about a score of innocent persons. As usual, the Govt. and the responsible functionaries of the ruling party, tried to play down, the seriousness of this gruesome act. Home Minister Chidambaram says that during the last 31 months, there was no terrorist attack in Mumbai. Its true, but, the real point is why so serious an attack could take place within so short a time of 31 months? It is reported that the managers of the law and order machinery point out to the case of powerful USA, which too could not stop the surprise terror attacks. My question is why no terror attack occurred in USA, during a gap of about ten years? Obviously this is not due to a sudden surge of compassion for the USA, in the hearts of terrorists. It is due to the fact that USA gendered terrible fear in the hearts of the notorious terrorist groups. As soon as USA authorities came to know that the head of the perpetrators of the crime in their land, Osama Bin Laden was hiding in Afghanistan, they did not hesitate to roast and devastate the whole of that country. They made the ruling Taliban flee from their seat of power and they put their own man on the throne. And when they found that Osama is in Pakistan and their socalled ally was not doing its part of the obligation, they, disregarding all the sensibilites of Pakistan's Govt. and military, killed Osama, secuerly residing in the garrison city of Abbotabad. Why can't this Govt. of India emulate USA's example? The fresh authoritative news is that there are still about 40 terrorist training centres in POK, being run under the nose of Pakistan Govt. Why can't we strike at these centres, that lie not in the mainland of Pakistan, but in that part of the territory which we claim to be ours. It needs strength and courage and this Govt. of ours is lacking in that quality. It is too impotent to take any such heroic action.
   Now the PM says that the perpetrators of this felony "must be brought to justice quickly and subjected to the rule of law that they have sought to subvert." The HM also echoes the same sentiments. He promised to to everything in his Govt's power to prevent such attacks in the future. It can be inferred that the HM will make the intelligence department more efficient and rigorous. Let us hope that the HM will keep his word by directing intelligence agencies to move on the right track and not be carried away by the foolish outbursts of mentally ailing DigvijaySingh.
   But to root out Jihadi terrorism, the cooperation of the Muslim society is a must. The concept of Jihad has religious sanction. The exponents of Jihad mince no words. They are brutally frank in spelling out what Jihad really means. They say that they have the sanction of Holy Koran. It is 'Jihad fi Sabibillah' i. e. war in the way of Allah. Only Muslim scholars can reinterpret this concept or misconcept, whatever it is. The Jihadi terrorists who are active in their nefarious endeavours in our country find asylum in the Muslim society. This segment is not in majority. It might even be a very small fringe. But it is a fact that the Jihadis get a safe haven in that part. And who can know better their hideouts and their protectors other than their neighbours? It is the duty of the civil Muslim society to report to the law and order agency about the hideouts of the terrorists who are embarassing them and putting them under a clowd of suspicions and also disparaging their sacred faith. They should put before them, the example of the Sikh society as to how that society helped the Govt in eliminating the Sikh separatist terrorism. Those elements in the Sikh community who were helping to hide the terrorists, became those that informed the Govt. agencies about their secret dens. And in a few months time, the then Punjab Govt was able to play a proactive part and crush those who were stigmatising their faith. It is true that the then Chief Minister of Punjab Sardar BiyantSingh, had to pay the price of his life for saving the reputation of his religion. Is it impossible for the Muslim community to play a similar rule? I don't think so. I know that the majority of Muslims are peaceloving and they do not want to put their country, their people and their religion in jeopardy. Vast majority of Muslims have come out of that pro-Pakistan bias of their forefathers, may be except in J&K state. The civil Muslim society should come forward to help save their non-Muslim bretheren.
   I hope and beleive too that the Govt is sincere in tackling the situation in Mubmai by arresting the real culprits of that hideous crime. But, in order that such crimes do not recur in future it is neccessary to get the full cooperation from the Muslim civil society. 
-M. G. Vaidya 

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